ATZ Back Pack Vest

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The simplest way to keep your gears ready-to-go for any fishing trip with this most convenient and comfortable vest and backpack combo

This backpack combines the best features for both a traditional fishing vest and a technical backpack.

Light weight and water resistant fabric Lined with mesh to keep you cool

Designed for a long day on the water, when you need to carry a lot of gears.

This backpack allows you to wear all of your gears needed and still keep them organized

Adjustable straps and waist belt make this backpack fit with most of the size comfortably Light weight, water resistant fabric lined with cool mesh make it more comfortable than the other traditional pack or tackle bag

Expandable three compartment backpack, slip pockets and D-ring for storing most of your gear

Two molded pocket in the front to protect your flies. And two retractable zippers to attach the frequently used tools

Adjustable One-size-fit-all size


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