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The best quality you can get, taken by hand in ducks farms in France. We guarantee an average of 66 % excellent CDC feathers 

7.50 *

Long High quality feathers , in 16 Fantastic colours, 1gr. per pack.

11.95 *

Naturally floating small cdc feathers with no stem, great for emergers, comparaduns.

3.75 *

The herl on the ostrich plume can be used for fly bodies and wings.


4.50 *
The natural oils of this feather make it perfectly suited for dries, emergers and floating nymphs.
2.65 *

Saddle hackles from Northern Spain

6.50 *

Pheasant Tail are required for famous Pheasant Tail Nymph.

3.30 *
A full matched set of cock pheasant tail. includes both center tails and all sides.
6.85 *

A full matched set of hen pheasant tail.

4.50 *
6 pieces of different coloured tail sections including Natural.
4.20 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

A mixed packet of 6 pieces of bleached and dyed Cock Pheasant tail in popular colours
4.20 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

The most popular fly-tying feather in use today. Used in all styles, from salt through to stillwater, for virtually every species that a fly is cast for and in all parts of the world. It’s mobility is now legendary.

MSRP 4.00 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Turkey Marabou Feathers pack of approx. 20 plumes - 5 grams - The most popular fly-tying feather in use today.
4.00 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Great man made barring for superb damsels and lures. All really fishy colours.

9.25 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Amherst pheasant center tail fibres are very nice material for many classic salmon flies, but you can use them also in tube flies.
39.95 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Strung herl is perfect for the hundreds of patterns that call for this naturally iridescent material
3.90 *

Complete eye top with herl. The herl from the eye on these beautiful feathers is traditionally used on the Beauly Snow Fly; the herl can be used on numerous bodies.

4.30 *

Pheasant Swords are great for tails and wing cases.

4.20 *
First wound as a hackle on the sea trout pattern the goats toe
3.70 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

A fancy feather that can brighten up any fly.10 per package.
3.70 *

A mixed bag of small, medium and large guinea fowl hackles.

3.15 *

The sought after darker feathers with a dark ring around each spot is the dominate feather down the middle of the skin. A fantastic skin for the salmon/steelhead/spey tying enthusiast!

39.99 *
Pointed quills make excellent tails, legs, antennae, etc., for stonefly, prince nymph and many other patterns.
3.30 *

An essential ingredient for the serious nymph and soft-hackle fly tier; most caddis pupae aren't tied properly without Hungarian partridge.


3.10 *

A 2 gram packet ofd these lovely marked feathers that are used for hackles and wings.

3.90 *

The speckled grey neck feathers are used in many traditional flies (March Brown, Mayflies,Partridge & Yellow, etc.).

5.10 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Veniard English Partridge Mixed Feathers.

2.90 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Grouse Soft Hackle Feathers, Soft, mottled hackles ideal for tying Wet flies and Nymphs

3.55 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Thsee distinctively marked wing feathers provide both wings and hackles for both wets and dries.

7.80 *

With wings and tails. Available in Natural color.

39.80 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

With wings and tails. Available in Natural, Red, and Olive.

29.95 *
With wings and tail. The flank feathers are well known to fly tyers, but the skin also has a wide range of usable feathers, particualy the neck hackles and back plumage.
28.20 *

Brown edge mallard feathers for wings, wing cases, and nymph legs. Cuello de pato universal de ragot

3.25 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Very small used traditionally for spent mayfly wings.

MSRP 2.90 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

This large feathers is used on many traditional Salmon patterns.

5.75 *

The grey quills from this wing make a great starling substitute and are used on wickhams and wet hares ear.

6.00 *
Mallard Duck Whole Wings - Whole wings have complete sets of Grey duck quills and blue white tips.
5.20 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Available in Breast feathers.

3.05 *
These beautiful heads are used on Salmon, Sea Trout and Trout flies to form wings and tails. Flies like the Black Pennell, Peter Ross and Dunkeld use the tippet feather for the tail.
12.55 *

A full top quality golden pheasant tippet collar.

6.95 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

(Grade: Piel Completa)

The Golden Pheasant complete skins provide a myriad of colorful feathers.

30.50 *

Chestnut w/brown edge, used in streamer and salmon patterns.

35.00 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

Complete body skin supplied without head.
46.95 *

Used for legs on your nymph patterns. Grade 1 complete tail.

13.80 *
Both the primaries and secondaries are used, and supply the wings for many patterns including: March Brown, Caperer, August Dun, Governor...
6.85 *
A good quality complete amherst head dyed. Available in Natural, Red, Yellow & Orange.
14.40 *

For herl bodies-this feather offers a heavily textured fibre with similar characteristics to Condor, making flies like the Rough Olive, where the body needs to be more substantial than those tied witha finer Goose shoulder feather.

4.40 *

Fantastic for your Salmon Flies especially for your shrimp patterns.

5.50 *
Wing feathers used for classic quill wing dry and wet fly patterns.
4.75 *

Turkey Tail feathers are a white tipped, premium grade mottled feather commonly used on stoneflies, salmon flies and nymphs.

5.75 *
21%TAX Included
1 - 50 of 84 results