RIO Trout Knotless 12´

(Diameter: 7x, Lenght: 12")

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Each RIO Powerflex knotless tapered leader is designed for superb abrasion-resistance as well as high knot and tensile strength.

The long, thick butt design provides smooth turnover while the supple tippet gives the fly life-like presentation.

The light gray color is the most neutral and integrates visually with any background for perfect camouflage.

All Trout leaders have a perfection loop on the butt. 


Lazadas colas de rata RIO
X" Tip
Strength Metric
Diameter Tip
Diameter Butt
7X 0.004" .021" 2.4lb 0.102mm .533 mm 1.1kg
6X 0.005" .021" 3.4lb 0.127mm .533 mm 1.5kg
5X 0.006" .022" 5.0lb 0.152mm .559 mm 2.3kg
4X 0.007" .023" 6.4lb 0.178mm .584 mm 2.9kg
3X 0.008" .024" 8.2lb 0.203mm .610 mm 3.7kg


Additional product information

Diameter 7x
Lenght 12"

Selection: RIO Trout Knotless 12´

Product no. Diameter Lenght Price
6-24022 7x 12" 4.00 € *
21%TAX Included
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