Hand Stripped Peacock Quill

(Color: Natural)

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21%TAX Included

All fly tyers have their own method of stripping quills; fingers, an eraser, wax bleach and every one of them results in frustration and broken feathers. These hand stripped Peacock Quills take all that manual labour away offering you ready cleaned perfect quills in a wide selection of colours.

Quills are used to create fantastic natural segmentation of flies tied on hooks from 12-22 – dries, nymphs, spiders and buzzers. The quill itself comes from peacock eyes and is hand stripped, using finest natural dyes them into 12 different colours.


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Color Natural

Product variations
Color: Natural
6.95 € *
Color: Brown
6.95 € *
Color: Orange
6.95 € *
Color: Olive
6.95 € *
Golden Olive
Color: Golden Olive
6.95 € *
Color: Ginger
6.95 € *
Color: Red
6.95 € *
21%TAX Included
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