Studds for Waders Boots ATZ

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Our Studs ATZ wide-auger thread design ensures your studs won’t easily back out like typical sheet metal screws; and unlike other boot studs, ATZ wader boot studs are made with a SOLID tungsten carbide core extending all the way to the impact surface, delivering the secure footing you need in slippery situations all season long.

ATZ Studs uniquely angled screw base prevents penetration through your wader soles during use.


CAUTION: By the way, our studs afford awesome traction in streambeds because of their tungsten carbide impact tips, but those same tips can damage truck beds, garage and indoor flooring, and scratch the inside of drift boats. We store our studded boots on a carpet remnant to protect the back of our truck and garage shelves from scratches.
Don’t forget, if you want to wear your favorite boots on a special boat trip, you can easily remove your studs and re-install them with a Studs installation tool.

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Size 2mm

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PVC110 2mm Pack 20 uds. 23.50 € *
PVC0594 3,60mm Pack 20 uds. 23.50 € *
PVC300 3,50mm Pack 20 uds. 23.50 € *
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Installation tool Studs Installation tool Studs
Tool Studs MSRP 7.50 € *
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