Fly Fishing Trips

For 25 years, our agency has arranged trips to the world’s most productive destinations for discerning sportsmen. As you can see from the adjacent list, we offer carefully selected adventures to a limited number of special places. Simply put, we concentrate on what’s best and what’s new in the areas that not only have proven to have abundant populations of fish, but just as importantly, consistent populations.

Fly Fishing Trips

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The winter months from December through March can be long and dreary for the outdoorsman and trout fisherman. These same months are the height of summer and trout fishing season in the southern hemisphere—Chile’s Patagonia. Fishing here is unmatched, with aerobatic rainbow, huge brown trout, and king and silver salmon available in a variety of settings and waters backdropped by the spectacular peaks and glaciers of the towering Andes Mountains. As fantastic as the fishing is, a trip to Chile offers much much, more. Chile is a stunningly beautiful place where the landscape is still as pristine as it was when the first Spanish explorers visited, centuries ago, yet modern technology abounds


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