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The winter months from December through March can be long and dreary for the outdoorsman and trout fisherman. These same months are the height of summer and trout fishing season in the southern hemisphere—Chile’s Patagonia. Fishing here is unmatched, with aerobatic rainbow, huge brown trout, and king and silver salmon available in a variety of settings and waters backdropped by the spectacular peaks and glaciers of the towering Andes Mountains. As fantastic as the fishing is, a trip to Chile offers much much, more. Chile is a stunningly beautiful place where the landscape is still as pristine as it was when the first Spanish explorers visited, centuries ago, yet modern technology abounds

Salmo Patagonia Lodge offers lovely vistas, breathtaking clear blue and green water and unbelieveable numbers of colorful trout that have never seen an artificial fly. This one-of-a-kind environment has many different micro-climates — each with an abundance of animal, bird and plant species.

Dear Luis,
My job at Sage takes me to a lot of places around the world and it certainly puts me in a position to have a comparative opinion on what constitutes a good lodge and outfitter.

I want to compliment you enormously on the job you have done over the years at Salmo Patagonia Lodge. I must say that you have created what I believe is simply one of the very best lodges on Planet Earth. The setting of your lodge, the comfort, the attention to detail, the staff, the room, the fishing, the scenery, the guides, the food and, most importantly, the feeling of your place are all just simply the best—not to mention the incredible giant browns and salmon you have in your private waters.

Marc Bale
Vice President Marketing and Sales chileazcart.jpg
Sage Manufacturing Co.

Fishing in awe-inspiring Chilean Patagonia.

Salmo Patagonia Lodge offers a vast and growing selection of fishing in November through mid-April where you are the only anglers. You can cast to rising brown or rainbow trout or tease up king, silver, and Atlantic salmon in total seclusion. It is common for anglers to catch and release more than 50 brown and rainbow trout per day. Ten to twenty+ pound trout are landed every week.

Dry fly, wet fly and nymph fishing are all available and are all productive. Sight fishing with hoppers or over amazing mayfly hatches is also available. You may wade fish, fish via float or jet boat, or in a float tube. Clients arrive at fishing areas via super-cab four-wheel drive trucks, horseback or four wheel drive ATVs.

Owner Luis Antunez’ lodge encompasses close to 30,000 acres that allows his guides exclusive access to many miles of streams, rivers and more than 20 mountain lakes. Antunez schedules clients so that they are the only anglers fly fishing for the giant browns, rainbows, multicolored brook trout, and powerful kings, silvers and Atlantic salmon.


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