Traditional Dub Dispenser

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The first and most popular of the Synthetic dubbings. Its tranlucence will add life to any fly.

This dubbing box contains some of the most popular colours used in tying traditional Irish fly patterns.From Sooty Olive and Golden Olive to two shades of Fiery Brown,I use these colours in tying the famous dressings of the same name.Golden Bumble Olive is used in my tying of the Golden Olive Bumble.Green Olive I use for all bodies on my Green Peters.

By combining any of these dubbing colours with a body hackle of a similar shade, a tail of cock pheasant tail fibres and a splayed mallard wing you can tie numerous Dabbler patterns.

Available in four selection boxes.

Manufacturer: Frankie Mc Phillips

Weight: 0.095 Kgs


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