Boosted Krinkle Mirror Flash

(Color: Midnight Fire)

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21%TAX Included


Super ultra violet and holographic fibres blended in with Krinkle mirror flash for a superb flash material to use on wings and tails in various fly patterns.

The Boosted Krinkle Mirror Flash has been creased along its length to give it a segmented effect and has enhanced holographic fibres for adding an incredible sparkle and flash to Pike flies, Lures and even large Salmon flies.

Length: 34 Approx

Manufactured in the USA


Additional product information

Color Midnight Fire

Product variations
Color: Pearl
7.60 € *
Color: Orange
7.60 € *
Color: Blue
7.60 € *
Color: Yellow
7.60 € *
Gris dorado
Color: Gris dorado
7.60 € *
Midnight Fire
Color: Midnight Fire
7.60 € *
21%TAX Included

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