OutBound Short Shooting Head

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Powerful, easy casting shooting heads that make long distance casts simple

  • RIO‘s shooting heads are based on the popular OutBound Short lines, and are designed to cast very long distances. The front loaded weight distribution quickly loads a rod, while the unique step down taper at the back allows for very long flight times and easy distance. The heads are built two sizes above the AFTM standard to correctly load modern rods - anglers do not need to step up a line size when choosing a line for their rod, as this is done in the design. Each head has an Easy ID loop at the back end for quick recognition.
  • Unique taper design that stays in the air, resulting in long distance casts
  • Short, powerful front taper that cast large flies easily
  • Front-loaded weight distribution that loads rods quickly and effortlessly
  • RIO recommends attaching the following head sizes to these shooting lines sizes:
  • ST7 to ST8 - 0.024”/0.026” shooting line, or 25lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • ST8 to ST10 - 0.030”/0.032” shooting line, or 35lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
OB Short SH F Head Length Head Weight Sink Rate Color
ST7F 30ft 265gr Float Moss
ST8F 30ft 315gr Float Moss
ST9F 30ft 375gr Float Moss
ST10F 30ft 425gr Float Moss
OB Short SH I Head Length Head Weight Sink Rate Color
ST7I 30ft 265gr 1.5-2.0ips Clear
ST8I 30ft 315gr 1.5-2.0ips Clear
ST9I 30ft 375gr 1.5-2.0ips Clear
ST10I 30ft 425gr 1.5-2.0ips Clear
OB Short SH S3 Head Length Head Weight Sink Rate Color
ST7S3 30ft 265gr 3-4ips Brown
ST8S3 30ft 315gr 3-4ips Brown
ST9S3 30ft 375gr 3-4ips Brown
ST10S3 30ft 425gr 3-4ips Brown
OB Short SH S6 Head Length Head Weight Sink Rate Color
ST7S6 30ft 265gr 6-7ips Black
ST8S6 30ft 315gr 6-7ips Black
ST9S6 30ft 375gr 6-7ips Black
ST10S6 30ft 425gr 6-7ips Black


Additional product information

Taper ST
Line Size #10
Model Floating
Color Olive

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