UV X Fly Paint

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Give your fly an added touch of bold colour or a subtle colour detail using the high quality and easy to use X UV Fly Paint.

This fly paint is the perfect way for any fly tyer to instantly add bold or subtle details to a fly, or to change the colour all together. With a UV curing formulation, this paint will cure in seconds when exposed to a UV light.

The X UV Fly Paint is available in different colours for you to choose from our drop down menu and is supplied with applicator brush.

Includes applicator brush

Directions for use:

Apply X Fly Paint to fly while indoors or shaded from the sun.

Use applicator  and/or bodkin to form into the ideal shape.

Expose to sun light or use UV Lamp Light to cure.

Hardening should take approximately 10 seconds.



Product variations
Color: Black
19.75 € *
Color: Orange
19.75 € *
Color: Red
19.75 € *
Color: Olive
19.75 € *
Color: Chartreuse
19.75 € *
Color: Yellow
19.75 € *
21%TAX Included

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