Abel Tackle Bag

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If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, we must be flattered half to death when it comes to the Abel Holds Everything Tackle Bag.

It's the most copied bag in the industry. While many manufacturers have tried to imitate our bag, if you examine them closely, you'll see that only ours has —

  • Firm-Grip Handle.
  • Four padded outside-access pockets for binoculars or camera, tippet spools and miscellaneous gear.
  • Eight hard Nylon® feet to keep it out of water in the bottom of a boat, punt, panga or wet pier.
  • Heavy-duty double-pull corrosion-proof Nylon® zippers and sliders.
  • Pockets for leaders, flyline, travel tickets, passport, eyeglasses check book, magazines and maps.
  • Four heavy-duty outside D-Rings.
  • Tool-organizer pocket with slots for flashlight, rigging tools, hook hone, knives, Abel Pliers, hemostat, scissors, and tying tools.
  • Main compartment for reels, extra spools, fly boxes, Lube System, light sweater and/or rain jacket.
  • An extended flap to go over and securely fasten your rod carrier to your tackle bag. This extended flap also affords even greater protection to the outside side pockets.
  • Perfect as a fly-tying materials and tools bag.

 People love this bag for good reason — the ergonomically designed concave shoulder strap makes our bag a pleasure to carry; while the back panel is constructed of a smooth Nylon® that will not snag, rub or abrade your jacket and slacks when the bag is next to your body.

Stow this airline-approved bag beneath your seat, in the overhead compartment, or check it as luggage.

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