RIO Bonefish

(Taper: WF, Line Size: #8, Model: Floating)
21%TAX Included

The demands of bonefishing require a balance of long and short casts with precise presentation. RIO’s Bonefish line does just that, starting with a medium-length front taper to improve turnover without sacrificing presentation, and a slightly longer back taper to smooth out the casting loop.


The tropical AgentX coating combined with a Powerflex single-strand monofilament core and the new Extreme Slickness (XS) Technology results in longer casts and a line that will not wilt in most extreme tropical conditions.

With AgentX, the line floats higher than competitors’ lines, is easier to pick up off the water, and unlike competing products the running line will not sink and tangle while wading. Includes a welded loop at both ends for easy rigging.


Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)
Color: Tan

rio bonefish 

Additional product information

Taper WF
Line Size #8
Model Floating

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Product no. Taper Line Size Model Price
RIO251 WF #6 Floating 102.00 € *
RIO250 WF #7 Floating 102.00 € *
RIO253 WF #8 Floating 102.00 € *
21%TAX Included
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