Hends Angel Hair

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This is a very fine Mylar type material that is packaged in hanks.

From this material we can make the whole streamers that we sketch in with spirit felt-tip pens afterwards. We enhance the effect of the streamer by the addition of a very small amount of fibre (thread) made from a natural material.

Angel Hair blends well with most other materials for dubbing and doesn't absorb water, so large flies don't get heavier. If you like materials that sparkle and glitter, this is just wonderful! Angel Hair is in 6" to 8" strands so is excellent for tying patterns like baitfish patterns and Scandinavian Tube Flies.

Angel Hair also takes a permanent marker pen, enabling you to add detail to your pattern once tied.

The material also blends well with most other materials including marabou, arctic fox, bucktail, etc for winging materials.

Available in individual packs.

AH01 - White Pearl
AH02 - Metallic Gold
AH03 - Metallic Silver
AH06 - Yellow
AH17 - Violet Pearl
AH41 - Pink Pearl
AH45 - Peacock Bronze
AH89 - Chartreuse Pearl

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