(Taper: WF, Line Size: #4, Model: Floating)
21%TAX Included

The RIO Grand is one half size heavier and features a unique taper design that pushes the weight to the front - enabling the caster to load the rod at short range.

The line is ideal for fast action fly rods.
RIO's AgentX Technology gives the RIO Grand maximum floatation and creates an ultra smooth coating.

This, coupled with the new Extreme Slickness Technology, ensures the line's coating is super slick and results in increased distance and line shooting ability.

The Super Floatation Tip stays riding high on the water and has a welded loop to facilitate fast rigging. 

WF3F – WF5F; Length: 90 ft (27.4 m)
WF6F – WF9F; Length -100 ft (30.5 m)

Color: Camo



RIO Grand



Additional product information

Taper WF
Line Size #4
Model Floating

Selection: RIO GRAND 2017

Product no. Taper Line Size Model Price
RIO282 WF #4 Floating 79.99 € *
RIO283 WF #5 Floating 79.99 € *
RIO284 WF #6 Floating 79.99 € *
RIO285 WF #7 Floating 79.99 € *
RIO286 WF #8 Floating 79.99 € *
RIO287 WF #9 Floating 79.99 € *
21%TAX Included
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