Redington Crosswater Youth Boot

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Crosswater Youth Wading Boots are designed specifically for youth anglers. Featuring lightweight mesh for quick dry action, sticky rubber soles, and supportive body to help secure footing on wet and slippery surfaces. Boots are also stud compatible.

Product Features

  • Designed specifically for youth and available kids 2, 4 and 6 sizing
  • Supportive, lightweight, and quick drying
  • Sticky Walnut Rubber sole for additional traction
  • Rubber toe cap for added abrasion resistance
  • Deep draw lacing with molded, non-corrosive, metal hardware
  • Stud compatible



Additional product information


Sinthetic leader

Colour Olive/Grey

Selection: Redington Crosswater Youth Boot

Product no. US size Sole Price
5-KB0030452K 2 Sticky 158.00 € *
5-KB0030454K 4 Sticky 158.00 € *
5-KB0030456K 6 Sticky 158.00 € *
21%TAX Included

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