Redington Strike Euro Nymph

(Line: #4, Lenght: 10", Pieces: 4, Tube: Cordura)

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Some say fly fishing is just about being on the water and not about catching fish. Sure…but it’s okay to admit that we all love the feeling of a bent rod, and deep down inside we all like being the high rod of the day. The STRIKE rod is designed to give you that unfair advantage, while still letting you enjoy “just being on the water”. Built specifically for European-style nymphing techniques, the STRIKE features an extra-sensitive tip section for superior strike sensitivity, while an elongated handle allows the angler to find the perfect balance point no matter what reel is used. No extra pieces to buy or lose, no adding weight which can increase angler fatigue…the STRIKE is just a lightweight, simple design that puts more fish in the net. So next time you’re asked why you enjoy fly fishing, go ahead and tell them it’s about time on the water…your secret is safe with us.

Built for tight-line and Euro-style nymphing techniques, the medium-fast action of the STRIKE is finished with an extra-sensitive tip section for superior presentation control and strike sensitivity. With an ultralight, skeletonized reel seat and single-foot snake guides, we’ve reduced the overall weight of the STRIKE to help you stay out on the water longer with less fatigue. And to help you create your ideal set-up, the STRIKE features an extended handle so you can pair it with your reel of choice and still find the perfect balance point. So, whether you’re trying to qualify for the world championships or just enjoying being the top rod amongst your buddies, the STRIKE rod is designed to give you the unfair advantage.


Product Features

  • Medium-fast action, with extra-sensitive tip section allows detection of the subtlest of strikes
  • Extended handle allowing the angler to find the perfect balance point regardless of reel choice without increasing weight to the rod
  • Skeletonized, CNC machined, anodized aluminum reel seat with Micro-fighting butt
  • Black single-foot guides to reduce overall weight
  • Unpainted blank for stealth appearance, reduced weight and to prevent rod flash
  • Epoxy-coated section tips to prevent sticking
  • Includes durable cordura rod tube with built-in rod dividers
  • Lifetime warranty


Additional product information

Line #4
Lenght 10"
Pieces 4
Tube Cordura

Product variations
#3 10" 4 Cordura
Line: #3
Lenght: 10"
Pieces: 4
Tube: Cordura
386.00 € *
#3 10,6" 4 Cordura
Line: #3
Lenght: 10,6"
Pieces: 4
Tube: Cordura
365.00 € *
#3 11" 4 Cordura
Line: #3
Lenght: 11"
Pieces: 4
Tube: Cordura
360.00 € *
#4 10" 4 Cordura
Line: #4
Lenght: 10"
Pieces: 4
Tube: Cordura
350.00 € *
21%TAX Included
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