Synthetic Yak Hair

(Color: Teal Blue)

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A long, (nearly 50 cm), hank of synthetic hair, very similar but a little finer than natural Yak. Has the wave, translucence and sheen of the natural. Easier to work with and more suitable for a variety of fly sizes from 8” baitfish down to steelhead and bonefish patterns. A great bucktail substitute as well.

Packet Size: 330mm x 130mm

Additional product information

Color Teal Blue

Product variations
Color: White
8.30 € *
Color: Red
8.30 € *
Teal Blue
Color: Teal Blue
8.30 € *
Neon Green
Color: Neon Green
8.30 € *
Neon Pink
Color: Neon Pink
8.30 € *
Neon Orange
Color: Neon Orange
8.30 € *
Color: Black
8.30 € *
Color: Yellow
8.30 € *
21%TAX Included
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