Rainys Hex Mayfly Tube

(Color: Red Oxid)

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Tube Bodiz are revolutionary in designing flies.

They have proven their fish-catching capabilities around the world, catching all types of fish in both fresh and salt waters.

They easily mimic the proper body profile and surface impressions of insect such as mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, etc.

They allow the fly tyer to rapidly create flies that have superb profiles and impressions that appeal to even the wariest of fish.


Packaging: 6 to 12 per package

Additional product information

Color Red Oxid

Product variations
Dark Sulfur
Color: Dark Sulfur
5.54 € *
Dark Olive
Color: Dark Olive
5.54 € *
Color: Lt.Olive
5.54 € *
Red Oxid
Color: Red Oxid
5.54 € *
Dark Brown
Color: Dark Brown
5.54 € *
Color: Calibaetis
5.54 € *
21%TAX Included
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