Fly Line ATZ Combo WF-F

(Taper: WF, Line Size: #6, Model: Floating, Color: Green)

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The cost-effective way to outfit your fly reels. Pack includes high-quality ATZ weight-forward fly line, backing and loops.


Made in USA.





Additional product information

Taper WF
Line Size #6
Model Floating
Color Green

Selection: Fly Line ATZ Combo WF-F

Product no. Taper Line Size Model Color Price
PCS201 WF #4 Floating Green 37.50 € *
PCS202 WF #5 Floating Green 37.50 € *
PCS203 WF #6 Floating Green 37.50 € *
PCS205 WF #8 Floating Green 37.50 € *
21%TAX Included
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