Bead Head Tungsten

(Color: Orange, Size: 2,80mm)
21%TAX Included


These tungsten bead heads are just the ticket for those days when you need to get your Wooly Buggers and Bead Head Nymph patterns down, down, and further down to those cold, lazy trout.


Tungsten is heavier than lead and non-toxic;

Increase your sink rate while protecting the health of our waters and fish!

Tungsten Beads are available in a range of sizes in two finishes.


Additional product information

Size 2,80mm
Color Orange

Product variations
Orange 2,80mm
Color: Orange
Size: 2,80mm
7.20 € *
Orange 3,30mm
Color: Orange
Size: 3,30mm
8.23 € *
Orange 3,80mm
Color: Orange
Size: 3,80mm
11.68 € *
21%TAX Included
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