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This journal focuses on the lower Dean's world-class summer-run steelhead fly fishing enjoyed by anglers who journey far and wide to fish her banks. This fascinating book is filled with local stories, points of interest, and characters, along with full-colour photographs on thick, glossy paper.
22.93 *
With generous-sized, full-color photos that range up to a double-page spread, this book will help anglers from beginners to experts.
21.36 *
Lenox Dick and Friends Fly fishing for many is close to a religion. It is a beautiful art to practice and is also governed by the seasons and mother nature. It's both an art and a science. Enter this world where a trout becomes an object of desire, something that keeps drawing people out of a busy life and back to the wonders of natural.
28.13 *
All-color book explains the most effective fly fishing techniques for steelhead and the best contemporary flies to use. Chapters on fly design, small stream fishing, two-handed rods, deep drifting flies, and more.
42.23 *
Fly Fishing Desert & High Arid Lakes. The most and biggest trout in the West are in the lakes Probasco writes about. In this beautiful all-color book learn how to read water, discover and match what the fish are taking and access the fish.
28.13 *
This full color book teaches you how to fly fish for magnificent, strong, acrobatic summer steelhead. Everything is covered: tackle, lines, rods, effective fly patterns and when to fish them, casting methods, reading water, wet fly, greased line, skating, knots, wading, top 12 flies, fly tying etc. 8.5x11 inches, 48 pages.
22.93 *
Knowing the subtleties of fly fishing on your favorite stream can make or break your experience. Our Fly Fishing Journal is designed to move you to that next level of fly fishing expertise or to start you out focusing on the important details.
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Back in print; the most complete and authoritative book of steelhead fishing. Culmination of a lifetime of study. Tackle, techniques, great steelhead rivers and profiles of masters are included.
28.13 *
Anglers around the world love the European-bred brown trout, and even if it isn't your favorite species, chances are you still like to hook these voracious piscivores whenever possible. Author Chris Francis presents his own obsession as a primer for others who would like to learn more about these magnificent predators--and, of course, those who would like to catch larger ones in greater quantity.
42.77 *
-Robert Alley- Features hardcore, successful lake fly fishing with an emphasis on what specific fly patterns work and in what situations.
21.90 *
Tells how to read lakes to discover where fish are feeding; illustrates fly retrieve and presentation techniques; how lakes are formed and the physical and chemical characteristics which determine trout foods; discusses types of plant life and how they affect feeding. Comprehensive treatment of different types of trout food found in lakes and how to imitate each with artificial flies and the techniques for best presentation.
38.12 *
A wonderful book about the author's Northwest quest for steelhead on the fly. If you enjoy fly fishing for steelhead you will find this book hard to put down as the author leads you down the Wenatchee, North Fork Stillaguamish, Skagit, Sauk, Grande Ronde, and other rivers for winter and summer steelhead.
34.97 *
About this title: Fishing with a floating line is not only a pleasurable way to spend your day, but also, because it allows you to cover every inch of water, is a highly effective method for catching fish. Join Bob Arnold as he fishes his favorite waters for steelhead on the floating line. With interesting detail Bob shares his extensive knowledge, experiences and the colorful characters that he encounters on his quest for steelhead. If you enjoy fly fishing for steelhead you will find this fascinating book hard to put down.
22.39 *
The Pacific Northwest offers so many fly fishing opportunities that in order to cover them all John Shewey has done a sequel to his popular Northwest Fly Fishing: Trout& Beyond. In this second installment Shewey covers: sunfish, bass, pike, crappie, golden trout and grayling.
27.95 *
Author: John Shewey John Shewey is one of the West's finest exploring fly fishers. He wrote and photographed this all-color book to help you in your personal discovery of the great trout fishing opportunities that are available for hikers throughout the West from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific. Everything you need to know: fly-fishing methods, hatches, entomology, compass work, map sources. You will want this book for the photography alone!
22.93 *
he title of this book is Kamloops : An Angler's Study of the Kamloops Trout and it was written by Steve Raymond. This edition of Kamloops : An Angler's Study of the Kamloops Trout is in a Hardcover format.
28.19 *
Here's an excellent all-color guide to fly fishing from a float tube. Over 60 color photographs accompany the excellent text to help make you confident and knowledgeable as to: tackle and float tube preparation, float tube maneuvering, safety backups, casting, wind, cold water, fishing techniques...
22.39 *
How to buy a quality float tube and miscellaneous equipment. How to operate it safely. Fly-fishing equipment and clothing recommendations. Productive fly patterns and float tube positioning strategy for best results for trout, large and smallmouth bass, and panfish.
17.24 *
Contains over 70 photos and many illustrations demonstrating how to fly fish for Pacific salmon in saltwater, tidal estuaries and freshwater. A landmark book about challenging salmon with a fly. Information about reading salt- and freshwater, salmon feeding habits, fly retrieves, imitating baitfish, proper fly equipment, knots and color plates of baitfish.
25.05 *
Oregon's most comprehensive fishing guide, a directory to where, when, and how to fish more than 1200 lakes, streams, and bays. The Ninth Edition features 100 detailed maps and a gallery of big-fish photos (by some of the state's finest fishing photographers) that will make your casting arm twitch.
47.49 *
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