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Clip&Flip VisorMag Carson

(Power: 2.25x/+5.00 diopter)

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The VM-12 VisorMag™ from Carson Optical is a set of clip-on, flip-up magnifying glasses that attach to the brim of most caps and hats. Perfect for fly-tying and all fly-fishing needs. Complete with protective soft-pouch, its crystal clear acrylic Lenses give you a sharp, distortion-free view that allows you to see even the finest details with ease. These Magnifying glasses are 2.00x power equivalent to +4.00 diopter. Keep these clip-on Magnifier lenses in your tackle box so you’’ always have them at the ready."


Model Number: VM-12
Magnification: 2.00x / +4.00 diopters
Weight: 1.1 oz.
Dimensions: 4.625" x 2.75" x .875
Accessories: Protective Pouch

Additional product information

Power 2.25x/+5.00 diopter

Product variations
2x power/+4.00 diopter
Power: 2x power/+4.00 diopter
13.50 € *
2.25x/+5.00 diopter
Power: 2.25x/+5.00 diopter
13.50 € *
21%TAX Included
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1 - 1 of 18 results