Saltwater Shock Tippet

(Diameter: 80 lb., Lenght: 20m)

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An ultra-hard, tough nylon tippet. Ideal for shock and bite tippets.

The Saltwater Shock Tippet is made with an ultra hard, heavy, shock tippet material.

Available in 30 lb - 100 lbs, the Saltwater Heavy Shock also features bite resistant nylon, making it the perfect option Tarpon and Billfish.


Additional product information

Diameter 80 lb.
Lenght 20m

Selection: Saltwater Shock Tippet

Product no. Diameter Lenght Price
6-22134 80 lb. 20m 10.50 € *
6-22135 100 lb. 20m 10.50 € *
21%TAX Included

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