Redington spool SV 1

Redington spool SV 1

(Type: Spool, Model: SV1, Stk.: Negro)


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SV Series

The SV Series offers anglers a true large arbor design for $100.00. The SV is made from injected and machined aluminum and comes equipped with a large cork drag surface and quick change spool. Quick and easy left- to right- handed conversion. Black only. Acceptable to use in both freshwater and saltwater.
Three models available: SVI, II, III


Color Ancho Diámet. Capacidad Peso
SV I Black 1.125" 3.125" WF4+75/20 5.2 oz.
SV II Black 1.25" 3.25" WF5+125/20 6.4 oz.
SV III Black 1.375" 3.875" WF8+200/20 8.8 oz.


Additional product information

Stk. Negro
Type Spool
Model SV1

Selection: Redington Reel SV

Product no. Type Model Stk. Price
SV1S Spool SV1 Negro 58.00 € *
SV3S Spool SV3 Negro 63.00 € *
21%TAX Included
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