Transparent Peccary Quills Synthetic Semperfli

(Size: 1mm)
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Amazing synthetic quills, clear and tapered these form the most amazing bodies on flies, from nymphs, shrimps, wets and dry flies. Totally synthetic Perfect Quills are made from a thin tapered vinyl from a point to 3mm width with a wonderful black edging strip to form the rib. Use any coloured materials from threads to tinsels or even permanent marker pens then the colour will shine through. To make an indestructable fly use a UV resin or varnish over the top to stop fish teeth damaging your fly bodies.

With Peacock Herl now on the CITES red list we risk travelling with Peacock Herl, this is the natural answer, reducing risk when travelling.

Create magical flies using thread, wires or tinsels coated with Perfect Quills and varnish or resin cover. No need to buy lots of different coloured quills of coloured Peacock Quills (not protected under CITES) simply change the underbody materials for amazing effects.

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Size 1mm

Selection: Transparent Peccary Quills Synthetic Semperfli

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SEM930-04 0,4mm 6.05 € *
SEM930-1 1mm 6.05 € *
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