RIO Tarpon Quickshooter


RIO Tarpon Quickshooter

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A very easy casting, tropical fly line designed for the tarpon angler

  • Short, powerful head that is very easy to cast – ideal for novice tarpon anglers
  • Heavier than standard tarpon lines to easily load modern saltwater rods

RIO’s Tarpon QuickShooter lines have been specifically designed for tarpon and other tropical species. Every line features a powerful front taper that casts large flies, or punches into tough winds with ease. The short head is heavier than standard tarpon lines, making it easy to load and cast. Welded loops on both ends of the line allow anglers to rig easily.

Available in two formats:

  • Full floating – F
  • Floating with 10ft clear intermediate tip – F/I

Head Length: 30ft/9.1m

Overall Length: 100ft/30.5m


Selection: RIO Tarpon Quickshooter

Product no. Taper Line Size Model Price
6-20468 WF #10 Floating 102.00 € *
6-20469 WF #11 Floating 102.00 € *
6-20470 WF #12 Floating 102.00 € *
21%TAX Included
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