RIO Gold Tournament Distance Fly Line

(Taper: WF, Line Size: #5, Model: Floating, Color: Orange)

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For two years the line designers and technical engineers at RIO worked on the ultimate long distance casting line. The end result is the RIO Gold Tournament line - a line that is built for casting huge distances and for competing in the #5 casting competitions around the world.

The line conforms to AFTMA and competition specifications and is deemed legal for standard WF5 floating line distance competitions. It features a long head of 75 ft with a graduated rear body taper that gives the line longer flight times and more distance than any other line out there. The ultra thin running line (0.024" diameter) produces virtually no drag.

This line is built on a 15lb single strand monofilament core, that ensures a slightly stiffer, slicker finish than with standard braided cores.  Anglers should bear this low core strength in mind if choosing to use the line for fishing applications.
WF-5wt only- 120' - Orange color

Additional product information

Taper WF
Line Size #5
Model Floating
Color Orange

Selection: RIO Gold Tournament Distance Fly Line

Product no. Taper Line Size Model Color Price
6-21796 WF #5 Floating Orange 104.95 € *
21%TAX Included
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