Clearview Storafly Streamer Fly Box

(Stk.: Easy Grip)

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This box is waterproof and holds hundreds of flies.  It will fit all your big intruders as well as your summer steelhead flies all in the same box.  Unless you're like me and tie way too many, in which case you'll need two!  In any event, it's as cheap as you'll find for a great rugged waterproof fly box with quality foam, so go ahead and get Three! Two for yourself, and one for your jealous buddy carrying around all those other boxes.


  • Clear lid aids in the correct selection when stored alongside other boxes
  • The clear high density Polycarbonate also provides fantastic durability
  • Rubber seal provides excellent water resistance
  • Comes with slit foam inserts, waterproof seal and integral carry handle
  • Capacity : 376 flies ( 188 for each side )

Size: 275mm x 210mm x 60mm


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Stk. Easy Grip

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PJA125A Slti/Slit 38.40 € *
PJA125B Easy Grip 38.90 € *
21%TAX Included
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