Sili Skin

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Create realistic and effective baitfish patterns with these self-adhesive translucent strips.

This is the material used to tie the Gummy Minnow and Gummy Eel, two of the hottest new saltwater patterns.


How to tie a Gummy Minnow

  1. Using clear mono thread and .030 lead wire, wrap the shank of the hook.
  2. Cut a piece of Metallic Silver Sili Skin about an inch long and an inch wide. Fold up on shank and trim. It will provide some thickness for the minnow's body.
  3. Cut a piece of Metallic Silver Sili Skin an inch wide and the desired length of the fly.
  4. Make a cut through the middle of the piece (lengthwise) about three-quarters the length of the material. Apply from bottom of hook and fold over hook shank. Trim top to about one-eighth inch above hook shank. Apply a one-eighth-inch wide strip of Green Splash Sili Skin along the top of the hook, the length of the fly, to form the fly's back. Cut to a point and trim along the bottom of the hook shank.
  5. After applying stick-on eyes, form fly's outer layer by overlaying a piece of Mother of Pearl Sili Skin about 1-inch wide and slightly longer than the fly. Trim to the shape of the minnow.


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