Renomed Scissors


Renomed Scissors

(Tip: Curve, Size: Small)

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Precise scissors with a pointy curved and straight tip. Made from high quality stainless steel, tempered and manually sharpened.

The Renomed Straight Scissors use a special sharpening technology that allows them to stay sharp for longer and are perfect for accurate, intricate fly tying work.

The design and construction of the Renomed scissors were awarded the IF Gold Design Award in 2016.

The scissors have two sizes available which are small and medium, depending on your fly tying needs. You can use the small size for intricate work and trimming on small to medium flies and the medium size is ideal for medium to larger sized flies.

The Renomed Scissors are silver in colour and the small size is 9cm in length and the medium is 11cm in length.


Additional product information

Size Small
Tip Curve

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Product no. Tip Size Price
REN001 Straight Small 21.00 € *
REN002 Curve Small 21.00 € *
REN003 Straight Medium 25.00 € *
21%TAX Included
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