Lorpen Ultra Heavyweight Socks Silk

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Extremely warm and durable, these socks stymie the raw temps of skiing, ice climbing and cold-weather mountaineering. Tightly knit from a blend of 42% merino wool for warmth, they also have 42% Natural Silk, 6% polyamide and 10%lycra to balance durability and wicking performance. Soft, felted merino wool yarns throughout cushion, insulate, and last the lifetime of the sock.



  • Heavyweight wool blend insulates against extreme cold and provides excellent cushion, fabric content and strategic knit balances warmth, durability and wicking performance
  • Soft, plush merino wool is itch-free and maintains durability and cushion for the lifetime of the sock
  • 42% merino wool, 42% Natural Silk, 6% polyamide, 10% Lycra
  • Made in Spain


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PAT800-S Small 18.45 € *
PAT800-M Medium 18.45 € *
PAT800-L Large 18.45 € *
PAT800-XL X-Large 18.45 € *
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