Cocoons OverRXCast Large

(Lens: Polar Grey, Frame: Black)

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Extremely popular with fisherman, is a polarized sunglass designed to be worn over prescription glasses.  Available in three patented frame sizes, the sunglasses comfortably fit over 98% of all prescription eyewear.  The frames are designed to completely isolate the eyes from the elements, blocking 100% of harmful UV rays and completely eliminating glare.

Polarmic fishing sunglasses are designed specifically for fresh and saltwater anglers.  The ultra lightweight nylon composite frames are available with gray, copper, and amber polarized lenses that completely block harmful ultra-violet light and eliminate glare.  Polaramic OveRxCast Sunglasses allow your eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand.  Copper lenses enhance contrast while gray lenses provide natural color definition.

  • is packaged in a clear PVC pouch, featuring a magnetic clasp that is easy to open and close.
  • Frames have a 1 year warranty


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Lens Polar Grey
Frame Black

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