ATZ Monster Coneheads

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The brass monster conehead is shaped to cause a turbulent swim pattern.

The vacuum created directly behind it gives the wing extra life.

These heads are turned unlike other commercialized models that are stamped. More resistance, greater weight and better finish of our flies.

Can be used for brass or plastic tubes.


Sizes: 9mm.

Selection: ATZ Monster Coneheads

Product no. Stk. Units Price
BEA801 Plata Pack 12 uds. 5.25 € *
BEA802 Cobre Pack 12 uds. 5.25 € *
BEA803 Negro Pack 12 uds. 5.25 € *
BEA804 Dorado Pack 12 uds. 5.25 € *
21%TAX Included

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