Aluminium Sage Rod tube

(Longitud: 33")
21%TAX Included


Innovative rod tube design.

The proprietary design of our new aluminum rod tubes sets the new standard for rod protection. The notable concave and convex curves work together to create added dimensions of strength. Oversized, rubberized end caps help prevent scratches and dents while the bottom cap features a custom ID area for the angler's contact information and rod type. The quarter-turn tenon style cap clicks shut and forms a seal that keeps out sand, grit and water. These new rod tubes bring fresh innovation that will safeguard your rod, and your trip.


Selection: Aluminium Sage Rod tube

Product no. Longitud Price
542-3304-AL 33" 152.00 € *
542-4404-AL 44" 162.00 € *
21%TAX Included
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