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RIO Headgate

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RIO has teamed up with Fishpond to offer the perfect bundle to attach to your vest or bag. 5, 30-yard spools of RIO’s Powerflex tippet material (2X to 6X) are included with Fishpond’s Headgate tippet dispenser in a ready-to-hit-the-water configuration. The headgate has a spring loaded hinge design that allows anglers to easily add or change tippet spools, and features a built in cutting blade for ultimate convenience. Powerflex tippet has a high knot and tensile strength, and is made of a clear, nylon copolymer. It is ideal for dry flies, soft hackles and nymphs.


  • Anodized aerospace aluminum and stainless steel

  • Rotatable razorblade line cutter

  • Replacement blades available

  • Holds up to 7 tippet spools

  • Secure, spring-loaded pull for access to change spools

  • Includes 5 spools of RIO Powerflex Tippet:

    • 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and 6X

    • 30 yards on each spool

  • High knot strength

  • Clear, nylon copolymer

Ideal for:

Dry flies, Nymphs, Soft hackles & Small streamers

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1 - 1 of 31 results