Phoenix Classics Parallel

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21%TAX Included

The Phoenix Silk Lines are designed for fishing fast water where short casts are required. These lines are made from top quality silk and require the minimum of care.

We were asked to make these lines to replace the “Robinson” parallel lines that are no longer manufactured, and they have proved to be a great success.

Size AFTM Diameter Strength
AA 2 0.65 mm 7.0 kg
B 3 0.75 mm 8.8 kg
C 4 0.82 mm 10.0 kg
D 5 0.90 mm 13.0 kg


Selection: Phoenix Classics Parallel

Product no. Taper Line Size Price
PCS310 Level AA 86.00 € *
PCS311 Level B 86.00 € *
PCS312 Level C 86.00 € *
21%TAX Included