Cheeky UV Semperfli

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Originally we were asked to develop buzzer cheeks for the UK Competition market, what we developed turned out to be far more than that! A GreenUV Plastic which is thin so ideal for buzzer / chironomid cheeks but MUCH MUCH more.

Once we played with the prototypes we started using this as a fluorescent body wrap for completely vibrant and fluorescent bodies, as ribbing and as a tinsel for unique fluorescent lateral lines on streamers and as Greenfluorescent winging highlights.

Product variations
Neon Green
Color: Neon Green
3.90 € *
Neon Orange
Color: Neon Orange
3.90 € *
Neon Pink
Color: Neon Pink
3.90 € *
Color: White
3.90 € *
Neon Yellow
Color: Neon Yellow
3.90 € *
21%TAX Included
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